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Innovative Design Trends in Custom Gutter Systems

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Fashion trends get a lot of love. Fashionistas pay good money to see runway shows. There are multiple magazines dedicated to the hottest new styles. We even hear that some people buy new clothing more often than once every five years!

But do you know which trends don’t receive nearly enough love? That’s right: custom gutter system design trends. The gutter industry is constantly revolutionizing the way people protect their roofs, foundations and landscaping. In our unbiased opinion, that deserves a lot more attention than sequined dresses and oversized sun hats, or whatever happens to be in fashion at the moment.

If you just stepped out of a time machine from 1950, you might not even recognize some of the innovative design trends in custom gutters the modern era has in store for you. Let’s bring you up to speed!

Flip-Up Runoffs

It’s 9pm on July 3rd. You are giving the lawn a mow as part of your last-minute preparations for tomorrow’s barbecue. It is 95 °F outside. The mosquitoes are behaving like they spent all day drinking tiny espressos. You just want to go indoors, pour yourself a tall, cool glass of lemonade, and watch The Price Is Right.

And that’s when you see it: a gutter downspout lying on top of the grass you have to mow. You stop the mower, disconnect the downspout, jolt upright when a mosquito starts whining right in your ear canal, pick up the downspout, set it down somewhere, start the mower, mow where the downspout once laid, stop the mower again, reconnect the downspout, start the mower again, and then realize your house has three other downspouts.

None of this would have happened if you had flip-up runoffs. These innovative gutter system upgrades are essentially little downspout hinges. No more arduous disconnecting and reconnecting. No more running your fingers across sharp metal edges. Just tilt, mow, untilt, and you’re good!

Brute Brackets

Brackets are essential to a gutter’s integrity. They stabilize the gutter, and also help distribute the weight of rainwater and meltwater more evenly across the gutter system. Without brackets, a gutter will sag and show other signs of damage prematurely.

We have seen our fair share of flimsy brackets in our time. That’s why we were elated when the gutter industry finally perfected this crucial component. All praise belongs to Lynch Aluminum, which manufactures the appropriately named Brute bracket out of .060 gauge aluminum.

Upward-formed sides for maximum strength. Multiple large rims spanning the length of the bracket for added rigidity. Seamless integration with equally sturdy hook straps. Brute brackets bring any K-style gutter system to perfection, which is why they are the only brackets we use.

Gutter Guards

We know what you’re already thinking: Wasn’t the first gutter guard invented by Smith and Slaymaker in 1891? How can a gutter component that has existed since the Harrison administration be considered innovative?

You raise a perfectly fair point! But truth be told, gutter guards are only becoming more and more effective at preventing debris from clogging gutters. Old-fashioned gutter guards were little more than grills; totally ineffective at catching smaller types of debris, such as maple seeds and pine needles. Modern gutter guards are available with surgical grade stainless steel micromesh, which is 275 microns fine and therefore capable of keeping leaves, needles, shingle grit and even insects out of gutters.

Who knows what marvels the future of gutter technology has in store for mankind. We can’t wait to see which innovations will come out next! And you can rest assured we’ll continually adopt any new trends that aid us on our mission to install the highest-quality gutter systems the greater Rochester, MN area will ever see. If you would like one at your own home or place of business, then we welcome you to contact Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter today!