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Mosquitoes. Humidity. Blazing heat. Shoes filled with lawn clippings. These are just some of the inconveniences you must deal with while you’re mowing your lawn. You may even have to pull the starter cord 20 times before realizing you previously removed the spark plug (it happens to the best of us).

Anything that makes your lawn mowing experience quicker, easier and less frustrating is certainly welcome. You might be under the impression that your home’s gutter system is powerless to facilitate your weekly summer landscaping chore. But if that’s the case, then you are sorely mistaken. You’re overlooking the power of flip-up hinges!

What Are Flip-Up Runoffs?

Your gutter’s downspouts terminate in elbows. If an elbow is “A” style, it lets rainwater and meltwater flow out perpendicular to the foundation. If it is “B” style, outflowing water exits parallel to the foundation. But regardless of its style, an elbow must bend at a 90° angle (or very close to it) so it can decelerate the flow of water and prevent erosion around the foundation.

Therein lies the problem. In order to mow the grass immediately surrounding your downspouts’ elbows, you must first remove their connected runoffs – i.e. the longish tubes that lie parallel to the ground.

Unless you have flip-up runoffs, that is. A flip-up runoff permanently attaches to the downspout and is easily angled upward. Now instead of arduously removing and reattaching runoffs before you mow the lawn, you’re simply angling the hinged downspouts upward – and then restoring them to their effective downward position once you’ve finished. No more bending over or running the tips of your fingers across sharp sheet metal components!

Flip-Up Runoff Installation Is Easy!

Are you concerned that flip-up runoffs will necessitate complete replacement of your home or commercial property’s entire gutter system? No worries! Installing this time-saving upgrade only requires changing out ground-level gutter components. Your gutter technician won’t even need to set up a ladder, which means minimal labor fees and interruption to your property.

Ensuring that the new components perfectly match the style and color of your existing gutter system is perfectly straightforward as well. The only evidence that you have upgraded your gutter system will be the small, nearly invisible hinges which permit you to flip your runoffs upward before you start mowing your lawn.

Contact Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter Today for Professional Flip-Up Runoff Installation

If you live or do business in the greater Rochester, MN area, you have Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter for all your gutter installation, repair and upgrade needs. Our technicians are standing by to outfit your existing gutter system with time-saving flip-up runoffs. And if you have any other need for our comprehensive high-quality gutter services, we’ll be more than happy to take care of them while we’re changing the way you prepare to mow your lawn. Contact us today to get started!