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maximizing roi with gutters

Maximizing ROI: How Well-Installed Gutters Add Value to Your Property

By Custom Gutters

Your home or commercial property isn’t just an investment. It’s a point of pride: the place where you take care of your family, in one form or another. You can’t affix a dollar value to that!

That said, your property is an investment – and like any other investment, you’d like it to yield the highest possible return. That means maintaining your property so the ravages of Midwestern weather don’t gradually turn it into broken, unsellable shambles.

Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter can’t provide everything your property needs in order to maintain and increase its market value. But thanks to our expert gutter installation service, you can increase your home or business’s ROI in several important ways!

Quality Gutters Enhance Curb Appeal

If you ever decide to sell your property, the first impression it makes will count for a great deal. If the potential buyer notices sagging, rusting, or otherwise decrepit gutters, they’ll likely assume several other parts of the property are poorly maintained as well.

If your commercial property is rimmed with horrendous gutters, visiting clients and vendors may reason that your business is doing poorly as well – probably only subconsciously, but it’s still a conclusion you’d rather prevent them from arriving at.

Quality Gutters Prevent Property Damage

Well-installed gutters don’t just look attractive. They also perform their function correctly: channeling rainwater and meltwater safely far away from the roof, foundation and landscaping.

Prematurely worn out shingles which no longer prevent water from seeping through the roof. A basement filled with puddles – or flooded with water, in a worst case scenario. Eroded landscaping filled with barren ground and dead plants. These are all forms of property damage our premium gutter systems protect against!

Quality Gutters Reduce Maintenance

The best safeguard against frequent maintenance is quality installation. This rule holds true for everything, gutters included. If you would like to avoid the headache of replacing fasteners and lengths of gutter on a frequent basis, then you need gutters which were installed by a specialist – not a big box store’s second-rate vendor, or an amateur.

Naturally, quality gutters contain quality components. These include fasteners which don’t corrode easily, which prevents rusty water from dripping down the face of your siding. Until you clean or replace discolored siding, your property’s curb appeal will suffer for it.

Quality gutters also reduce the need for frequent maintenance by resisting filling up with debris. No gutter guard can totally eliminate the need for spring and fall cleaning, but a good one will greatly accelerate the time you have to spend on the admittedly unsavory task.

For Quality Gutters, Call Curry’s

Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter doesn’t have the luxury of installing subpar gutters. We have staked our name on the high-quality gutter systems we install at all types of properties throughout the greater Rochester, MN area, and we are standing by to maximize your ROI the best way we know how. Contact us today for the gutter system that will pay off in more ways than one!

Preventing Ice Dams

Winter-Ready Gutters: How Custom Solutions Prevent Ice Dams and Winter Damage

By Custom Gutters

Gutters are crucial to preventing winter property damage. They stop meltwater from running off the upper section of a roof and onto its lower section: a constant drip, drip, drip which slowly strips underlying shingles of their protective granules all winter long.

But even if you don’t have an upper and lower roof, you still have a lot to gain by maintaining your existing gutters (or installing brand new custom gutters). That’s because gutters also help to prevent ice dams – the bane of every Minnesotan homeowner’s existence!

What Is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam forms when (A) a section of roof is warmer than 32 °F, and (B) the surface immediately beneath it is below freezing. When meltwater from the warmer section of roof reaches the freezing section, it … well, it freezes. That process ultimately gives form to a large ridge of ice – an ice dam, which earns the second half of its name by preventing meltwater from trickling off the roof altogether.

Water takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, when it is dammed up on a roof, taking the path of least resistance means permeating the shingles and decking. After meltwater has dampened the attic and destroyed its installation, it can soak into the underlying frame, ceilings and walls. Discoloration, mold infestation, extensive damage and even drywall collapse can result.

Ice dams aren’t just destructive to property. They cause large icicles to form, which means they can also cause heavy, pointy objects to fall from your roof. That’s bad news if one hits your central AC – but even worse news if one hits you.

Can Gutters Prevent Ice Dams?

There are many ways to avoid ice dams. You can add more insulation and ventilation to your attic, which will help keep any part of the roof’s surface from becoming warm enough to melt snow. Or you can rake your roof after each snowfall, thus depriving ice dams of the moisture they require in order to form and grow. You can also install heated coils (although professional roofers often advise against them for multiple reasons).

Whichever course of action you take to combat the appearance of ice dams, make sure your gutters are part of it. Your gutter system isn’t just designed to allow rainwater to flow freely off your roof. It is designed to do the same to meltwater as well! Every droplet of water that flows through your gutters and downspouts is another that won’t solidify into a big headache.

We recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year: spring and fall. Getting rid of all the leaves, red maple seeds, pine needles and other arboreal debris that gather in your gutter system before winter arrives is crucial to maintaining its ability to safely channel meltwater away from your home. That may not necessarily prevent ice damming altogether, but it can turn a big problem into a smaller one.

Want an even greater gutter advantage this winter? Consider installing gutter guards, which prevent a lot of debris from accumulating inside gutters and downspouts in the first place. You may also lay heat tape beneath your gutter guards. It is an investment in more electricity, to be sure, but also capable of helping the gutters flow more freely by keeping them unobstructed by ice.

If you live in the greater Rochester, MN area, then the perfect solution to all your residential and commercial gutter needs is right on the screen in front of you. Contact Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter today for assistance in your ongoing war against ice dams!