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Like most people, you tend not to think about your rain gutters. You just assume they will work so long as you suffer through cleaning them twice every year. However, if they’re not working properly because they were badly installed or are made of cheap materials, your gutters can cause you a whole lot of headaches. 

The problem is that most people opt for “one-size-fits-all” solutions for their rain gutters. That’s because most people don’t think their rain gutters have to match the specific needs of their homes. Unfortunately, there are several ways these “cookie cutter” rain gutters can risk serious damage to your number one investment!

Faulty Rain Gutters Cause Foundation Damage

This is the big one. The wrong kind of rain gutter can cause major damage to your foundation – and any way you slice it, that’s not going to be a cheap fix. 

When you have faulty rain gutters, the water has to go somewhere … and that somewhere is below, on the ground. Over time, this causes the soil to erode, which in turn damages the foundation of your home. 

The damage can get extensive before you even notice it, quickly leading to sagging floors and cracks in the baseboards, walls and even the foundation itself. When all is said and done, you could easily be looking at over $50,000 in repairs.

Faulty Rain Gutters Damage Your Roof

The water doesn’t always just pool at the bottom. Sometimes it slides underneath your shingles. That can lead to serious damage to your roof, often necessitating total replacement. That can cost upwards of $17,000!

Even barring a worst-case scenario, you’re going to be looking at other damage including rotting, leaking, and staining on your ceiling. That’s seriously expensive damage to your most valuable possession. 

Faulty Rain Gutters Cause Damage to Your Health

The damage caused by faulty rain gutters isn’t just limited to your home. In fact, if you go with the wrong rain gutters and they don’t do their job, you could be seriously compromising your family’s health. 

Think about it: clogged rain gutters fill with water, which becomes stagnant. This leads to things growing inside your rain gutters. One of the main signs that you’re looking at faulty gutters is when things start growing inside them. 

Smaller organisms are a much bigger problem, however. Mold and mildew will start springing up long before noticeable plants do – and they have the potential to cause serious health problems in your home.

Your medical bills might run into the thousands, but you simply can’t put a price on your health.

Faulty Rain Gutters Cause Siding Damage

Damage to your siding can happen quickly and easily. It’s simple math: the average 1,000-square-foot ceiling can send 600 gallons going down your drains. If all that water isn’t channeled safely away from your siding, extensive damage is all but inevitable.

Faulty Rain Gutters Damage Your Lawn

It isn’t inside your home, but it certainly contributes a lot to the curb appeal of your greatest investment. We’re talking about your lawn – and it can become seriously damaged by faulty rain gutters. 

Odds are you put a lot of time, money and energy into maintaining your lawn. But if you’re going for cheap rain gutters, you’re putting all that time, money and energy to waste. 

Remember the one fundamental rule that underpins everything we’re saying: the rain that comes out of the sky has to go somewhere when it falls on your land. The role of good rain gutters is to direct all that water to the best place for it to go so it can be reabsorbed into the ground. If your rain gutters aren’t working properly, you could see your lawn literally washed away by the downpour.

Faulty Rain Gutters Lead To Pest Infestation

In addition to the problems you might encounter with mildew and mold, you’re always attracting insects and other pests when you don’t have properly working rain gutters. Mosquitoes and other pests love moisture. If you’re giving them more because your rain gutters aren’t working properly, you’re looking at hosting a barbecue for the bugs – not for your friends and family. 

Don’t let faulty rain gutters damage your investment or your quality of life. Contact Curry’s Custom Cut Gutter today to make sure your rain gutters aren’t destroying your home as we speak. We service homes and commercial properties throughout the greater Rochester, MN area!